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Huang Shengyi born February 11, 1983 also known as Eva Huang, is a Chinese actress and singer.
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Huang was born and raised in Shanghai. Her father was educated in the United States and lived there in the early 1990s, while her mother worked as an editor in a newspaper agency in Shanghai. She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2005.
In 2004, Huang signed a contract with Stephen Chow to play the female lead character, Fong, in his action-comedy film film Kung Fu Hustle. In August the following year, she ended her contract with Chow's company after appearing in a magazine photo shoot without their consent. Both sides became involved in legal suits in Hong Kong and Shanghai until 2007
Starting in 2006, Huang worked with China Juli Group on a number of television series, including Tianxian Pei Riyue Lingkong 2007 and Guangfu Taiji Chuanqi 2010 She joined Emperor Entertainment Group in 2008. In 2009, Huang became the CEO of China Juli Group's Entertainment Media Co., Ltd, drawing a six-figure salary annually
Film Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2004 Kung Fu HustleFong
2005 Dragon Squad Pak Yut-suet
Tiantang De Yanjing Bai Xue
2006 Flying Sword Xiaoyu guest star
Lethal NinjaXiaoling
2007 Call for Love Long Xiaoxia
2009 Race to Witch Mountain Alien princess guest star
The Founding of a Republic Broadcaster from Xinhua News Agency
2010 A Singing Fairy Liu Tiantian
Daoban Aiqing
The Fantastic Water Babes Ayu filmed in 2008, but released in 2010
Juelian Yan Wen
Rongyu De Zhengming Lingling
It's Love Bai Suzhen post-production
Television Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2002 The House of Lingda
2004 Tianxia Diyi Xueji
Hail the Judge Zhan Suifeng
Kung Fu Beggar Wen Qi / Jin Sha
2005 Jinse Nianhua Ai Wanqing
2006 Jiahe Wanshi Xing Zhi Taitou Jianxi Cui Xiyue
2007 Tianya Genü Renmei alternative title Zhou Xuan
Ping Shenme Aini
Tianxian Pei Seventh Fairy
Riyue Lingkong Xie Yaohuan
Jingjing De Zhanqiao Lin Wumei
Sword Stained with Royal Blood Xia Qingqing / Wen Qingqing
2008 Dingjia Younü Xiyangyang Ding Xun
The Foolish Old Man Removed Mountains Baihe alternative title Wangwushan Xia De Chuanshuo
2009 Nühai Chongchongchong Liu Bei alternative title Xiang Zhou Xingchi Zhijing Xia
2010 Dongjing Shengsi Lian Lankouzi alternative title Dilei Zhi
Xia Nanyang Tao Shuyan
Guangfu Taiji Chuanqi Yuying
Meiyou Chengnuo De Ai Lin Minna alternative title Fu Erdai
Tianxian Pei Houzhuan Seventh Fairy pre-production
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